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Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Trauma Resource Group

Every second and fourth Tuesday since January 2019

We welcome survivors of trauma, as well as anyone who wants to support the survivors in their life by being better informed. We recognize that trauma is a nearly universal fact of modern life, and that all types of people need support in dealing with past experiences that still impact them today. 


Together we seek to understand the developmental and neurological patterns that evolved to protect us in crisis, so that we can encourage self-compassion and practice strategies for coping, calming, and healing. 


Discussions will start with presentation of information around a specific topic followed by an invitation to share your experience with that topic. The circle is a space where anyone can share without being shamed or judged. You are more than welcome to sit and listen if you don’t want to share. 


A word of caution: Please be sure you have a support system in place such as access to a professional therapist. These topics may trigger intense emotional experiences. If the work becomes too stressful, please take care of yourself by taking a break and/or asking for support. This group does not provide medical or psychiatric advice, and it is not a substitute for professional help.