Firestorm Cafe & Books
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Opening in May, 2015 | 610 Haywood Rd, Asheville NC (view map)
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    Re|Opening Spring 2015

    Renovations on our new store in West Asheville have begun. To stay updated on our progress, please join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook. We expect to open our doors in late May or early June!

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    Community Powered & Worker Owned

    Founded in 2008, Firestorm Cafe & Books is a worker-owned cooperative in downtown Asheville, NC. We specialize in artisan coffee beverages and independent literature.

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    Asheville's Finest Sips & Bites

    We feature organic, fairly traded and cooperatively produced ingredients in our indulgent menu because we want our foods and drinks to be healthy not only for our patrons but also for our community.

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    Offbeat, Underground and Independent Literature

    A local access point for information on a range of significant and curious topics, we stock a unique blend of reading material that you won't find anywhere else in the region.

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