Book Clubs

Book Clubs

Our collective loves a good reading group! Groups that meet at Firestorm enjoy 10% off their reading selections.

Active Groups

Animal Rights Reading Group
Fourth Fridays at 6pm
A group to discuss where human and non-human issues intersect and how we might take action on specific issues.

Asheville Queer Women's Book Club
Mid-Month on Wednesday at 6:30pm
This book club is open
to all queer woman-identifying folks with (or wanting to develop) a strong sense of
intersectional feminism.  Books fall into the realm of 'by/for/about queer women'
and are selected based on availability of the text, member suggestion and

Green Grannies Book Club
Every Wednesday at noon
Founded in 2012, the Green Grannies are a group of women who are willing to make a ruckus about the need for action on climate change. This is their reading group and it is open to all!

Groups on Hiatus

Other Worlds are Possible Book Group
A discussion group dedicated to reading and talking about science fiction, speculative fiction, and fantasy literature with feminist, social justice and/or other radical themes.

ReVisioning History Book Group
This discussion group will focus on books that challenge or expand on dominant historical narratives and research methodologies.  Together, we will investigate -- and question -- the common idea that history is merely the objective presentation of facts, and explore the ways in which ideology plays a role in how history is interpreted, transmitted, and culturally/academically institutionalized.