Holiday Hours

December 1st, 2017
Holiday Hours

While many of us are uncomfortable with the rampant consumerism of the holiday season, we ask that if you plan on buying gifts for loved ones in the coming weeks, you consider doing some of your shopping at Firestorm. Checking off names on your list with a visit to our co-op will have a considerable impact on our ability to continue holding space in Asheville during the coming year. And we'll help you find the perfect books and goodies for your weird (or "normal"!) relatives.

Holiday Hours

Sunday, Dec 24th - Closing at 3pm
Monday, Dec 25th - Closed all day
Sunday, Dec 31st - Closing at 3pm
Monday, Jan 1st - Closed all day
Monday, Jan 2nd - Closed all day

Extended Hours

Monday, Dec 11th - Open 11am - 5pm
Monday, Dec 18th - Open 11am - 5pm