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Jul 11th, 2019

"While Earth Still Speaks" Book Launch

Local author Nancy Werking Poling presents her new novel, While Earth Still Speaks, which is part adventure, part environmental activism, and part visionary tale.

Elizabeth’s daughter, Angelica, has joined a cadre of eco-terrorists, and Mary (more crone than virgin) has abruptly ended her “Operation: Earth Rescue” visitations at Elizabeth’s North Carolina farm. Now Elizabeth must discover her own calling, a passion worth risking her life for. It’s a journey into her own heart, and the adventure she embarks on is as unpredictable to her as it will be to the reader.

Where did such a quirky protagonist come from? How did Mary Surratt get into the story? What are the alternative actions for those of us committed to saving the environment? These and other questions will be answered by the author!

Nancy Werking Poling is an author of women’s fiction, blogger on current events and women’s experience. Her writing can be found at nancypoling.com.

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