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Oct 6th, 2018
"Lost In A Game" Creative Discussion

Maria Young's Lost in a Game is a book about her trials and tribulations as a star black collegiate athlete. How unprepared she was for college life, and how anchoring her identity solely in her sport hindered her from seeing the importance of education until it was almost too late.

Maria will read from the recently released memoir and then lead a discussion about creative expression.

This memoir takes you along for the ride of Maria Young’s rise to greatness in basketball, education, activism, and life. God had a plan for her and it certainly didn’t stop at basketball. We are welcomed into Maria’s world—professionally and personally. Her memoir delivers an awe-inspiring look into her transformation and incredible personal growth. Despite internal trials that caused her to doubt her worth, her skill, and her purpose, Maria followed God and allowed Him to lead her to her place in this life. At 26, she is now making just as big of a difference off the court, as she did when she was on the court, and the world certainly shines a little brighter because of her passion. Be prepared…this memoir will light a fire in you to get up, take action in your own life, and join Maria on the frontlines of making this world a better place.


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