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Jul 14th, 2018
"Pedestrian" Reading and Signing

Charles B. Cross is an Appalachian poet with a passionate praise for the indomitable quiescence of the region that seems to project onto the minds of so many lives settling or passing through. His poems are reflective on the idea that maturity is corollary with knowing that we are in both the driver's seat, as well as the passenger's, on the open road, where the destination is extraneous compared to the endless sites and smells and faces revealed when you're really looking.

Stay after the reading for a brief Q&A. The event will end with an opportunity to get your own copy of Pedestrian, and have it signed by the author!

Pedestrian is a collection of poems inspired by the poet's meditative experience living along Tennessee's historical Tweetsie Trail, walking miles down the corridor of what used to be the old ET&WNC Railroad. The author places a large emphasis on the human experience as being a gift, a curse, an amalgamation of nature and networks in constant development. Each poem is part of a panoply which deems a suggestive response to the question, "When do we stop growing?"

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