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Jan 21st, 2018
Sacred Sins Author Reading

What if we put aside centuries of puritanism and asked why sex should not be as exuberant, innovative, ceremonial and sacred as any other essential human activity? What if we piled up the pejorative terms we usually employ for sex and hit, if not 'delete', at least 'rethink'? John's stories wonder profoundly about what a radical post-puritan, post-abusive American sexuality might sound and look and taste like.

John Diamond Nigh’s temperament and training in interdisciplinary arts and literature has led to his profuse, eclectic and aesthetic work and lifestyle. As a poet, he has published in many renowned journals such as The Paris Review, The Sewanee Review and AGNI, and brought out a book titled Labyrinths. Presently he lives with his wife and four cats in Asheville, NC. where he’s putting the finishing touches on a house that he designed and built (including the inside décor and furniture) and that now hosts several lively salons.