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Jun 2nd, 2017
Spiritual Activism: Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World

Exploitation, injustice, violence, and environmental destruction today are often hidden behind a veil of legitimacy and lies. To overcome fear and cynicism, we need hope and imagination to see how promising our future really is. The positive actions we undertake now are crucial to transforming our world.

Discover how some communities use cooperatives and economic democracy to create jobs and develop sustainably. Feel how a loving ecological and spiritual consciousness connects us to everyone and everything. Learn how to overcome stress and confront seemingly insurmountable obstacles with compassion and even joy. Experience how cooperative games help us to interact and share, gain self-confidence, and form effective teams.

"A book of cooperative calisthenics, little exercises to prepare us for the huge changes that are essential to our survival on this earth."
Bill Ayers, Demand the Impossible!

Come and learn to play these exciting, engaging games with others. You might even make some new friends, in the process.

Dada Maheshvarananda is a revolutionary yogic monk, activist, and meditation teacher. He is the author of After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action and Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World: Facilitating Trust, Communication and Spiritual Connection. He has given hundreds of inspiring seminars and workshops.

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