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Sep 12th, 2019

Truth is in the Paradox: Book Reading

Local author Kathryn Liss will read from and discuss her new autobiography, Truth Is In The Paradox, which starts with her father's blacklisting. This will be a book signing and reading followed by a discussion on the impact of the witch hunts of the 50s and their implication for today.

Born into the chaos of Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee’s purges of the 1950s, a young girl from a politically-left family is raised to believe, “You have to go way out on the left to balance the crazies on the right.” Confused and afraid after her father is accused of being a Communist and loses his job in the government, Kathryn begins a lifelong journey to find resolution within opposing points of view.

Drawn into a multicultural, multinational world, Kathryn overcomes the prejudices of her upbringing and finds truth in the contradictions of benign reality. After years of study and exploration the United States, Africa, and Europe, Kathryn ultimately finds her true purpose in life when she becomes a professional mediator. Able to engage with people who have strong differences of opinion without giving up her commitment to a world that works for all life, Kathryn understands that truth is indeed found in the rich and colorful paradoxes that surround a life well lived.

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