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Apr 17th, 2018
ASURJ Do!scussion and Do-Session

Every Tuesday from December 2016 until June 2017

The Do!scussion is a safe space in which to talk about what we see that encourages us to continue to create multi-racial coalitions in Asheville. It is also a space in which we talk about what we are struggling with.

Hard for you to get out of bed and get to work on dismantling the white supremacy? Come on over, and we'll talk about it. Then, we'll get to Do!ing!

The six organizing principles of SURJ are: 1) Accountability through Action, 2) Mutual Interest, 3) Take Risks and Keep Going, 4) Calling in More, 5) Enough for Everyone, and 6) Growth is Good

The Do!scussion and Do-Session are separate, but complementary events. The Do!scussion is a space in which to check in on our racial justice work, what is inspiring us, and what is bothersome - encompassing all of the topics upon which we could use advice. We hold dearly the core value of Take Risks, Keep Going, which we bring into weekly anti-racist personal goals. The Do-Session is used as a work session for those eager to work on Black and People of Color Informed projects, so that we can immediately translated our talk into action! All are welcome.

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